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I have been able to work in 4 different positions with 4 different career paths. This has allowed me to learn the strategic and tactical needs of various roles within the company and understand how the business operates from the ground floor. As I grow in my career, these learnings will help me continue to learn how to grow a successful company and apply these learnings to any new positions and challenges I take on.

Product Manager

July 2018 - Present

I manage all products at PowerDMS and process inputs from Tech Debt, New Products, Defects and Sustainability needs in a Scrum shop. This work involves the collaboration of stakeholders, both internally and externally, representing a different part of the business needs and facilitating the discovery of urgency to maintain a quality backlog of items that align with company vision and values in the competitive market. I also manage Sprints for a growing development team of 25-30 individual contributors and write release notes communicating all changes done by the Engineering Team.

Product Team Lead

Jan 2017 - July 2018

Product lead of the Training product, Accreditation product and Content Hub product
- Liaison between the development team and support team to deliver updates and assess issues in the application
- develop product backlog that aligns with company vision and values in the competitive market
- assist in developing metrics to measure success and health of products
- work closely with design to flesh out functional requirements of features and enhancements in the app
- work closely with DevOps and development domain leads to prioritize technical debt alongside features in the backlog
- assist in testing functionality being built to keep work flowing to customers with high quality

Quality Assurance Analyst

Nov 2014 - Jan 2017

- Execute Functional and Regression tests on new features, application improvements, and bug fixes.
- Assess Risk in upcoming changes and projects
- Handle L3's from CRM to Dev for troubleshooting and triage
- Work with CRM and PO to prioritize bugs for development
- Import found bugs to a bug tracking system
- Train CRM on new functionality in the application
- SME on the application domain
- Contribute to Selenium UI Automation Coverage for test coverage over functional changes

Service Desk II

Oct 2013 - Nov 2014

Supported our customers with technical issues and server issues while we transitioned from a self hosted solution to a SaaS Platform

Junior Software Developer

Mar 2012 - Oct 2013

Worked in the Microsoft Technology Stack and my primary purpose is to work in a team to develop an enterprise-level document management solution. I specialize in back-end development working with an N-Layer application utilizing design patterns, SOLID principals, and other various architectural methods and designs. I also focus on database design using SQL Server Management Studio, using EF and Dapper persistence tools.

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