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Course of Study

Behavioral and Social Science

Physical Science

Computer Science, Minor


The intersection of Social Science, Physical Science, and Computer Science focuses on people and how they work with the physical world and technology.

I am passionate about technology and solving people's problems. This intersection provided me with the disciplinary knowledge to pursue my passion and keep people, and their needs, at the focal point of my work.

Professional Statement

I work as a Product Leader in technology, focusing on identifying and delivering the needs of the company, the customer, and the product, to find the best market fit in this intersection of needs. My studies were intentionally chosen to focus on people, science, and technology to best achieve this outcome.

Product Team's in SaaS organizations must have an interdisciplinary view of each department of a company. We must understand the financial impact and opportunity of every decision, the customer's needs and biggest pain points, the technical complexity of their needs, and the market you're in to best serve the customer.

Without this, decisions are made without full context which could lead to siloed solutions, Frankenstein products, and expensive features that don't work nicely together.

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