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Statement of Interdisciplinary Understanding

When I first pursued my education in Interdisciplinary Studies, I made the assumption that my education would focus more on a multidisciplinary studies approach. My expectation was that I would learn a little about different disciplines and apply those throughout my life. 

I see now, through my classwork and an open perspective in my working life, that Interdisciplinary Studies is about integrating the conflicts of different disciplines to find common ground and understanding of a holistic approach. 

I actually think a lot about the image below on holding multiple sides of the same truth. They hold different perspectives, from different points of view, that can all shape what the truth is. My journey studying Interdisciplinary Studies has shaped the very truth of complex problems taking multiple relevant disciplines (perspectives) to help identify some truth or solution to the complex problem.

I will use what I've learned in my working life, in an interdisciplinary profession of a Product Manager, as well as in my personal life. Resolving conflict is so important in healthy relationships that the lessons we've learning mapping the patterns of different disciplines and perspectives can help identify what the conflict is and where I can do my part in finding common ground.

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